Our Company

Our company was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals. Our primary services include precision machining for Milling, Lathe, Assembly, Tooling , Fixture design, and Miscellaneous other services. We also offer a host of other services including metal fabrication, sheet metal, Braze, Powder coating.... Our partners and staff technicians serve a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and non-profit organizations and are experts in the products and issues that impact our clients.

Our partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from our wide customer base. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations

                                                           OUR GOALS:

                                                           - To provide the best customer service possible

                                                           - To make each client feel like the only client.

                                                           - To promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.

Our Produces and Services